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Legislation against subversive activities

The Home Minister, Mr. Y.B. Chavan, to-day [December 20, New Delhi] said in the Lok Sabha that subversive activities in some parts of the country had been causing concern to the Government, and that he was seriously considering the question of evolving some legislation to stop this “increasing trend.” Mr. …

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Mr. Patel’s Bill.

A meeting convened by over 40 prominent citizens of Poona belonging to all castes was held this afternoon [in Poona on December 20] in Kirloskar Theatre to accord support to the principle in Mr. Patel’s Hindu’s Inter-castes Marriage Bill. It was… confined to those who were in favour of the …

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Whims of a digital boss

Recently, a video of a Zomato delivery agent caught eating the food he was supposed to deliver went viral. This led to criticism, especially from middle- and upper-class consumers who questioned the accountability and monitoring mechanisms of food delivery apps and websites, which are important features of the platform or …

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Long road home

The return to India of Hamid Nihal Ansari, an engineer from Mumbai who spent six years in a Pakistani prison, is cause for cheer on the otherwise bleak landscape of India-Pakistan relations. The plight of the young man, who had crossed over into Pakistan from Afghanistan in 2012 on a …

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Misusing NSA

The detention of a journalist in Manipur under the stringent National Security Act for a social media post is a clear instance of misuse of power and a blatant violation of his rights as a citizen. It indicates a dangerous trend among those wielding power to invoke laws aimed at …

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Against the mandate for inclusion

The transgender community has once again been let down, as the Lok Sabha passed the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2018 in a hurry amid ongoing protests over the Rafale deal. The Bill, ostensibly aimed at protecting transgender persons’ rights, has been drafted hastily, with no real understanding of …

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Is the Congress on the comeback trail?

Chhattisgarh has been the biggest boost to the Congress but U.P. and Bihar are the real tests The recently concluded Assembly elections in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are testimony to the fact that Rahul Gandhi has successfully assumed the leadership role of the Congress. Notwithstanding the memes on Twitter …

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Towards a genetic panopticon

Parliament today serves less as a locus for debate and discussion and more as one for din and discord. But the pandemonium that appears to be the permanent state of affairs in both Houses scarcely seems to stop the government from passing laws, as we’ve seen this winter session. The …

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A GM plant that cleans indoor air

Researchers have genetically modified a common indoor plant, pothos ivy, to remove pollutants inside the house, according to a new study. They put modified plant and normal pothos ivy in glass tubes and added either benzene or chloroform gas into each tube. They found that the concentration of either gas …

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