Daily Archives: February 10, 2019

Mapping bugs on the ISS

New research shows that ‘microbes stranded in the International Space Station (ISS) have different genes from the equivalent bacteria on earth. While there have been many concerns about these microbes forming a new generation of ‘superbugs’, it now appears that the differences are making the bacteria more able to withstand …

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Winning the war on worms

Last year, the World Health Organisation said approximately 1.5 billion people globally were at risk of contracting soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infections — or roundworms. That is, 270 million pre-school children and 600 million children of school-age live in areas where these parasites are intensively transmitted. India accounts for a quarter …

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Can you get too much exercise?

A study based in the U.S. looks at what the heart tells us Many middle-aged marathon runners and other endurance athletes are familiar with concerns from their loved ones — and occasionally their physicians — that they might be exercising too much and straining or harming their hearts. For all …

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Bill shock for power producers

India’s power woes have shifted from generation to distribution What happens if you don’t pay your electricity bill? The power company cuts you off (unless you happen to be a politician, slumlord or goon), right? Now what happens if you happen to be the power company, and haven’t been paying …

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Whispers of the city

Around the world with a bagful of books Ruskin Bond never tires of describing Landour, a little settlement high in the hills above Mussoorie in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal where he’s made his home for many decades; and his readers never fail to find something new in his descriptions as they fill …

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A compass for navigating contemporary art

Among the gimmicky installations and concept artworks at the India Art Fair, some pictures take you towards your north pole Every year, Delhi’s art season throws up all sorts of odd things. Nowadays there are art events in the NCR all across the year but the so-called season is in …

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The vanishing of a writer

As the sins of the creator are foisted upon their work, writers craft a public persona superior to their own artistic creations A few days ago, I translated a verse by a mighty Indian poet — a sprawling banyan tree of literary consciousness — from his mother tongue to English. …

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Fake news could be injurious to health

Medical leaders and associations must take the lead in issuing effective and clear messages countering fake information Along with the Hippocratic oath, the MBBS curriculum has a mantra: bar God, all must provide data. A good physician treats patients based on scientific principles derived from solid evidence. The physician’s personal …

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Deep sea treasures

Hydrothermarchaeota, or microbes living in extreme environments may hold clues to the evolution of early life. These microbes use carbon monoxide and sulfate as sources of energy – chemosynthesis. Published inThe ISME Journal, the study used genomic approaches to unravel the secrets of its survival. It may help predict about …

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