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According to local media reports, Japan will pay up to one million yen (approximately ₹6 lakh) per child to families if they move out of the Tokyo metropolitan area. This amount was previously set at 3,00,000 yen and has been raised to reduce population concentration in the capital area. The …

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There “is no such concept as Indo-Pacific” which was “created by the United States” to bring in partners such as India to “contain” China, a Chinese diplomat has said, reflecting Beijing’s hardening opposition to both Washington’s Indo-Pacific strategy as well as regional groupings such as the Quad. “In fact, there …

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United States government officials announced on Tuesday that a federal facility had achieved a significant milestone in nuclear fusion research. Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm said the feat puts us on the path to “zero-carbon abundant fusion energy powering our society.” Officials said the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at the Lawrence …

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Turkey to send back foreign IS fighters

The Turkish government said on Saturday that it would send foreign Islamic State (IS) fighters captured in Syria back to their countries of origin, despite the unwillingness of European states to take them in. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said Turkey would hold captured foreign fighters “for some time. After that …

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Chile march draws 20,000 demonstrators

They demand justice for those killed and injured in two weeks of unrest Dressed in black, marching silently and raising one fist, around a thousand women on Friday demanded justice for those killed and injured during the last two weeks of social unrest in Chile. Their march started off a …

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Johnson’s pre-poll lead could wither away

Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited a primary school in Suffolk where he showed children old pictures of London. His opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, promised a crowd in London that the Labour Party would never sell out Britain’s National Health Service to greedy American companies. Then, shortly after 6 p.m. on Thursday, …

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Premadasa vows to complete constitutional reform

Sri Lanka’s Presidential hopeful Sajith Premadasa on Thursday promised to complete the constitutional reform process initiated by the current government, if elected to the office. The ruling United National Party’s (UNP) candidate released his election manifesto in the central city of Kandy, a fortnight ahead of Sri Lanka’s presidential election. …

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