Bluesky has come to the fore as a potential claimant to Twitter’s throne.

What is Bluesky?

  • Bluesky is a micro-blogging platform and social website.
  • It is built on the AT Protocol (Authenticated Transport Protocol).
  • Bluesky might be classified as a Twitter competitor but it is different in terms of its structure, as it is meant to form part of a decentralised ecosystem.
  • Users of apps built on the AT Protocol would be able to move between platforms without losing their followers, media, work, and data.
  • This account portability is a major part of the AT Protocol’s structure.

Bluesky vs Mastodon

  • Bluesky and Mastodon both strive to be decentralised social media platforms.
  • Bluesky is still highly controlled by its team of creators, and entry is based on an invite code.
  • Mastodon has multiple servers that users can join or apply to join, making it less controlled in terms of entry.


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