Brick structure at Sangam-era site

Syllabus: Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times.


A portion of a circular brick structure has been unearthed at Porpanaikottai, a Sangam- age site, in Pudukottai district. Studies had indicated that a fort existed there.

What we find

  • The structure is contiguous to a three-course brick structure, exposed in the A1 trench within a few days of the Archaeology Department having commenced digging at the site on May 20.
  • A Sangam-age fort is believed to have existed here.
  • The brick structure was found at a depth of 3.8 centimetres in Za1 trench.
  • Its diameter is 230 centimetres.
  • We have exposed portions of a couple of water channels built with bricks.
  • A couple of brick structures have been found at a depth of 32 centimetres in the adjacent trench (Za2), too.
  • One of them runs to a length of 200 centimetres

Rouletted ware

  • Over 355 antiques, including a gold nose stud, hopscotch, spouts, pieces of glass bangles and beads, green stones, a terracotta lamp, a coin, a spindle whorl and a rubbing stone, besides 11 graffiti, have been found at the site so far.
  • Potsherds, comprising glazed ware, black ware, black and red ware, roof tiles, perforated ware and three pieces of rouletted ware, a distinctive type of decorated pottery, have also been found.
  • One of the three pieces is hopscotch.
  • A hopscotch made of rouletted ware is a rare and important find

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