Republic Day 2024 Tableaux

The Republic Day 2024 Parade at Kartavya Path promises a wide and lively show with themes ranging from education and empowerment to traditional arts and athletic achievements. Each tableau adds to the rich tapestry of India’s unity in diversity by capturing the distinct cultural, social, and technological characteristics of the participating states and ministries. There were 25 tableaus from 16 states and Union Territories in the Republic Day parade of 2024.

Uttar Pradesh’s Republic Day Parade Tableaux

The Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) Sahibabad Station and the “Namo Bharat Train” are highlights of Uttar Pradesh’s Republic Day parade 2024 tableau. The ongoing Metro work in the state will also be featured in the tableau.

In 2023, the three-day Deepotsava in Ayodhya was celebrated by Uttar Pradesh’s tableau. The tableau highlighted the ongoing Metro work in the state and included a monument of Ram Lalla. The tableau from Uttar Pradesh placed second in the Republic Day parade of 2023. The subject of Uttar Pradesh’s tableau for 2022 was “One District, One Product and Kashi Vishwanath Dham.”

Andhra Pradesh Republic Day Parade Tableaux

Andhra Pradesh’s Republic Day tableau is expected to draw attention to the state’s achievements in education. The state hopes to visually represent the burgeoning array of recently founded educational institutions and centres that are supporting the development of young brains. Modern educational infrastructure will be on display, along with expert dancers dressed in colourful costumes who will proudly portray Andhra’s cultural legacy via the magnificent form of Kuchipudi classical dance.

In Andhra Pradesh, the parade display’s harmonic blending of education and cultural heritage is a moving representation of the state’s progress towards a wealthy future while still honouring and maintaining its rich traditions.

Rajasthan Republic Day Tableaux

The Rajasthani tableau highlights the state’s vibrant celebration culture as well as the growth of the women’s handcraft businesses. The iconic Ghoomar dance, a mannequin dancer, and a statue of Meera Bai—a symbol of strength and devotion—will all be included. Additionally, the display will showcase the state’s abundant handcraft customs, such as bandhej, bagru print, and applique work.

Odisha Republic Day Tableaux

The tableau from Odisha highlights the vital role that women play in maintaining and advancing traditional arts by highlighting their involvement in the handicraft and handloom industries.

Haryana Republic Day Tableaux.

The tableau from Haryana shows how the government’s “Mera Parivar – Meri Pehchan” programme empowers women. The exhibit will show Haryanvi women using digital gadgets to represent the benefits of the Digital India campaign and easier access to government programmes.

Madhya Pradesh Tableaux for Republic Day

The Madhya Pradesh tableau showcases the state’s successes in include women in development initiatives through social programmes. The display, which includes portraits of female artists and weavers alongside Avani Chaturvedi, the first female fighter pilot from Madhya Pradesh, highlights the active involvement of women in a variety of fields.

Chhattisgarh Republic Day Tableaux

The tableau in Chhattisgarh showcases the 600-year-old tribal practice of collective decision-making known as “Muria Darbar” from Bastar. The subject, which emphasises the equal participation of men and women in decision-making within the Bastar tribal group, is in line with the national theme.

Ladakh Republic Day Tableaux

The Indian women’s ice hockey team is included on Ladakh’s tableau, which also celebrates their accomplishments and contributions to the sport…

Manipur Republic Day Tableaux

The Manipur tableau brought attention to the important responsibilities that women play in socioeconomic pursuits. There will be women riding boats, working with lotus stalks, and setting up a dummy version of Manipur’s “Ima Keithel,” an all-women’s market.

How are the Republic Day Tableaux chosen?

As per custom, an expert committee made up of notable figures from several sectors like art, culture, painting, sculpture, music, architecture, dance, and more carefully chooses the tableaux for the Republic Day Parade.

The Defence Secretary emphasised the creative approach used by the Ministry of Defence in response to concerns expressed by some States and Union Territories (UTs) on the absence of their tableaux in the parade. This programme, which introduces a revolutionary three-year roll-over approach, ensures equitable and rotating involvement for all states and UTs over a three-year period. In order to promote inclusivity and fair representation, this strategy plan seeks to guarantee that every region has the chance to exhibit its cultural and thematic diversity on the Republic Day Parade great stage.


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