Dual Emergence of Cicada




Two periodical cicada broods are appearing in a 16-state area in the Midwest and Southeast for the first time in centuries.


  • Cicadas are insects belonging to the hemipteran order, renowned for their loud, intricate, and species-specific acoustic signals or songs.

Cicada Diversity:

  • India and Bangladesh boast the highest generic diversity of cicadas globally, closely followed by China. Most cicadas inhabit the canopies of natural forests with towering trees. One notable species, P. cheeveeda, spans the tropical evergreen forests from Goa to Kanyakumari.

Types of Cicadas:

  • Scientists classify the over 3,000 cicada species into two groups: annual and periodical. Annual cicadas emerge from the ground at varying intervals throughout the summer, often sporting dark bodies with greenish markings. They utilize camouflage in trees to evade predators such as birds and moles.
  • Periodical cicadas, on the other hand, comprise only seven species. These insects synchronize their emergence from the ground during the summer after a dormant period lasting either 13 or 17 years.

Benefits of Cicadas:

  • Cicadas provide several benefits to their ecosystems. They aid in pruning mature trees, aerating the soil, and upon their demise, their bodies serve as a vital source of nitrogen for tree growth.

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