Higgs Boson – The God Particle of Quantum Physics

Higgs Boson
Higgs Boson


Nobel prize-winning physicist Peter Higgs, who proposed the existence of the so-called “God particle” that helped explain how matter formed after the Big Bang, has died at age 94.


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About Higgs Boson

  • The Higgs boson imparts mass to elementary particles like electrons and quarks, being fundamental to the Higgs field.
  • It is among the 17 elementary particles constituting the Standard Model of particle physics, the leading framework describing the universe’s fundamental constituents.
  • The Higgs boson earns the nickname “God particle” for its pivotal role in subatomic physics. In 1964, Peter Higgs, François Englert, and others proposed to explain particle mass origins.
  • July 4, 2012: Large Hadron Collider (LHC) scientists detected the Higgs boson, a pivotal milestone in particle physics.


  • The Higgs boson possesses a mass of 125 billion electron volts, approximately 130 times the mass of a proton.
  • It exhibits zero charge and has zero spin, signifying a lack of quantum mechanical angular momentum.
  • Remarkably, the Higgs boson is the sole elementary particle devoid of spin.
  • Acting as a “force carrier” particle, it mediates interactions between particles, with bosons exchanged during these interactions.

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