• According to a new report, Global agricultural productivity is not growing as fast as the demand for food, amid the impact of climate change.
  • The report was released in conjunction with the World Food Prize Foundation’s annual conference.

Important points:


  • Total Factor Productivity (TFP) is growing at an annual rate of 1.36% (2020-2019).
  • This is below the Global Agricultural Productivity Index that has set an annual target of 1.73% growth to sustainably meet the needs of consumers for food and bioenergy in 2050.

Significance of Productivity Growth:

  • 36% of the world’s land is used for agriculture. Forests and biodiverse areas will be destroyed for planting or pasture.
  • USD 2T in economic losses and 4 million deaths are attributed to diet-related diseases each year.
  • 90% of the earth’s soils could be degraded by erosion by 2050.
  • 37% of methane emissions from humans influenced activity come from cattle and other ruminants.
  • 40% of irrigation water is lost due to inefficient irrigation.
  • Water sources will be depleted, making prime agricultural land unusable.


  1. Invest in agricultural research and development
  2. Embrace science-and-information-based technologies
  3. Improve infrastructure for transportation, information and finance
  4. Cultivate partnerships for sustainable agriculture, economic growth and improved nutrition
  • Expand and improve local, regional and global trade
  • Reduce post-harvest loss and food waste


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