• The sale of gold jewellery will not be allowed without a Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) number.
  • HUID number is a six-digit alphanumeric code.
  • It is given to every piece of jewellery at the time of hallmarking.
  • It is a unique identifier for each gold item.
  • The jewellery is stamped with the unique number manually at the Assaying & Hallmarking centre.


  • The HUID makes it easy to trace the individual piece of jewellery, and is a guarantee of quality.
  • Registration of jewellers is automatic with no human interference.
  • It is aimed at ensuring the purity of Hallmarked jewellery and check any malpractice.

What is hallmarking?

  • Hallmark is a mark on gold jewellery which is affixed by an entity recognised by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to assure its fineness and purity.

A BIS Hallmark consists of three symbols:

  1. the BIS logo,
  2. a symbol to indicate the purity and fineness of the jewellery, and
  3. the HUID.

The three categories of hallmarked jewelleryare:

  1. 22K916 means that it is a 22 carat gold and the piece of jewellery has 91.6 percent gold.
  2. 18K750 means that it is an 18 carat gold and the piece of jewellery has 75 percent gold.
  3. 14K585 means that it is a 14 carat gold and the piece of jewellery has 58.5 percent gold.

Benefits of hallmarking

  • Consumer is aware of the quality of the product.
  • That piece will fetch a higher price when re-sold.
  • Banks are likely to give loans on better terms if the mortgaged jewellery is hallmarked.


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