• Scientists from Chennai Mathematical Institute and Ors. have analysed data from the LIGO-VIRGO observatories and estimated the fraction of the binary Black Hole mergers detected so far that show potential to form Intermediate-Mass Black Holes.
  • It is the phenomenon of merging of two or more black holes.
  • Indian scientists have already observed merger of three supermassive black holes
  • Merging of two or more black holes results in different types of black holes. For eg, Intermediate-Mass Black Holes and Binary Black Holes
  • Intermediate-Mass black hole (IMBH) is a class of black hole with mass in the range 102–105 solar masses: significantly more than stellar black holes but less than supermassive black holes.
  • One of the theories of intermediate mass black hole formation has to do with ‘hierarchical growth’.
  • That is, if the black holes exist among a dense cluster of stars, the remnant (black hole) of a merger can pair up with another black hole close by to form a binary. This can eventually merge to form a second remnant which is more massive. This process, happening in a hierarchical manner, can explain intermediate mass black hole formation.
  • Gravitational Waves (GW) are created when two black holes orbit each other and merge.


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