GOBARdhan scheme

GOBARdhan Initiative Begins Reaping Good Results & Stimulating Investments In Biogas Sector in India
About the scheme:

  • The Gobardhan scheme focuses on managing and converting cattle dung and solid waste on farms into compost, biogas, and bio-CNG.
  • In addition to keeping the village clean, it provides additional income for farmers and cattle herders.
  • The GOBARdhan scheme also aims to make farmers more self-reliant in converting ‘waste to energy.’


  • In the long run, the scheme aims to help villages safely manage their cattle waste, agricultural waste, and organic waste.
  • Develop decentralized systems to turn cattle and organic waste into wealth for communities.
  • The effective disposal of waste in rural areas is to reduce vector-borne diseases and promote environmental sanitation.
  • The conversion of organic waste, especially cattle waste, into biogas and fertilizer can be beneficial for rural areas.
  • Opportunities for rural entrepreneurs to generate income and employment should be promoted.


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