• Hippopotamus, also called hippo or water horse, is an amphibious African ungulate mammal.
  • It is considered to be the second largest land animal (after the elephant).
  • Hippos are well adapted to aquatic life.
  • The ears, eyes, and nostrils are located high on the head so that the rest of the body may remain submerged.
  • Hippopotamuses were extinct in northern Africa by 1800 and south of Natal and the Transvaal by 1900.
  • They are still fairly common in East Africa, but populations continue to decrease continent wide.

Scientific Name:

  • Hippopotamus amphibius.
  • Human-wildlife conflict and habitat encroachment.
  • Often killed for their meat under the guise of protection, and they are also hunted for hippo fat and their ivory canine teeth.

IUCN Red List: Vulnerable

CITES: Appendix Ill


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