• Waste management is now a hot topic and Chennai has a range of private companies that offer unique solutions for different categories.
  • Launched in Chennai in August 2020 with 100 households, Bintix now caters to 2,000+ households and collects 8,500 kg every month, a number that is steadily rising.
  • Bintix distributes bags to households with a calculation of one bag per week and collection is every Thursday. Every bag has a barcode that ensures traceability of the waste but also allows Bintix to contact households that have not provided pure dry waste.
  • Users are given individualised dashboard that allows them to collect payment for their waste. The dashboard conveys eco-statistics which help householders understand their impact on the environment in terms of the trees and fuel they have saved by segregation.
  • At a waste processing facility in Gerugambakkam, waste is segregated and compacted before being resold. “We handle 90 tonnes of waste annually that would have otherwise ended in a landfill”, says co-founder JayanarayanKulathingal.
  • “Our goal is to use technology to bring social and environmental impact,” he says.

E-waste collection

  • When Logesh Selvan founded Unscrapp, a waste management start-up, he began by collecting paper and plastics from commercial setups but six months ago, the company expanded to include the collection of e-waste from households.
  • “In the past three months, we have collected 50 tonnes from 10,000+ houses,” he says. Unscrapp receives orders via their app, calls, website and word of mouth. They have a detailed price list for appliances; for example, a top load washing machine is ₹600 and a 2.5-ton AC is ₹4,000.
  • “During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was anxiety among the public on how to dispose of their waste and Unscrapp offers a solution to their e-waste,” says Logesh. The collected waste is taken to a facility near Manali and then resold to recyclers.

Cigarette butts

  • Wasted 360 Solutions was founded in 2018 focusing on zero value dry waste that would end up in landfills and now has a collection centre in T. Nagar.
  • Ann Anra, its founder, has done extensive research on finding a solution to the highly toxic cigarette butts. Placing receptacles in bars and restaurants ensures good collection but manufacturing these receptacles is expensive. Designed by Co-exist Architectural Practices, the first receptacle was installed in Barracuda Brew in Chennai in 2020.
  • Code Effort in Noida specializes in recycling cigarette butts but a large weight of butts is required. “There are plenty of butts but we need sponsors to build the receptacles,” says Ann.


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