Daily Archives: October 15, 2018

The Defence Act Case. Sentences Awarded.

Judgment was delivered by the District Magistrate to-day [in Rangoon, on October 14] in the case in which four men, Bhumani, Mehta, Murti and Rao were found guilty of attempting to persuade coolies from going to their work of loading ships in the harbour unless they get two rupees a …

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Nitric Acid Incident.

At about one O’clock on Friday afternoon [October 11] a sensational incident occurred in Park Street [in Calcutta]. A bullock cart containing a number of jars full of nitric acid was proceeding from Survey of India Office to the Howrah station when at the crossing of Russel Street and Park …

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Bonding with Africa, in partnership

India and China need to link their development plans for the continent Chinese President Xi Jinping grabbed headlines last month after announcing a hefty $60 billion package for Africa. African leaders have been naturally ecstatic after Mr. Xi’s announcement in Beijing at the inaugural of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation …

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Resisting resistance

India needs to strengthen and implement regulations on antibiotic misuse Even as antibiotics lose their efficacy against deadly infectious diseases worldwide, it seems to be business as usual for governments, private corporations and individuals who have the power to stall a post-antibiotic apocalypse. In a recent investigation, it was found …

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M.J. Akbar should have resigned.Or else, asked to go The Minister of State for External Affairs, M.J. Akbar, should have done the only right thing in the circumstances — resign. This was the only course to limit the already significant damage to the high office he holds. His legacy in …

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The imperative of impact assessment

The outcomes of laws need to be analysed before enactment Legislation and policies in the country are often passed with inadequate scrutiny and assessment. Increasingly, the ‘rush towards law’ results in policies and legal frameworks that are mostly reactive and seek to offer quick-fix solutions to complex problems. As a …

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Helping the invisible hands of agriculture

With the ‘feminisation of agriculture’ picking up pace, the challenges women farmers face can no longer be ignored October 15 is observed, respectively, as International Day of Rural Women by the United Nations, and National Women’s Farmer’s Day (Rashtriya Mahila Kisan Diwas) in India. In 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture …

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When the judiciary rewrites a faith

If a community believes in, and establishes a religious practice as essential, it should be accepted The Supreme Court’s majority decision in the Sabarimala case has rewritten the constitutional dispensation on freedom of religion, equality and untouchability, in contrast to Justice Indu Malhotra’s no-less-admirable dissenting judgment. When it comes to …

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Journalism after #MeToo

The Indian newsroom must be made safe and equal for women — or it will lose all credibility Over the last week, Indian journalism has finally been forced to confront what has long been its dirty secret. Going by the numerous agonising accounts of women journalists, about some male colleagues …

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