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Rangoon rice market.

The rice market rose today [Rangoon, October 1] and Java shippers are paying Rs. 400 and over for rice to fulfil their engagements for which they have already got licenses. There is much discussion as to how the Government will obtain rice for Madras as the present price Rs. 372 …

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Students in the I.D.F.

At a meeting of the Senate held this evening [Bombay, September 30] the following was passed: The Syndicate is authorized to deal with the cases of students who have joined the Indian Defence Force if such students fail at any University examination except an examination for Honour’s or a Master’s …

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Studying fault lines

Filling of reservoir near a fault can cause quakes Even very small reservoirs impounding water seasonally can cause deformation in the neighbouring region. Such deformation may add to the stress of a nearby fault, which if already critically stressed, can trigger an earthquake. Based on Global Positioning System and satellite …

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Up in the air

North India faces a big test this winter on measures to reduce burning of crop residue The onset of the winter season has come to be associated with toxic atmospheric pollution in north India. This year will be a crucial test for a scheme piloted by the Union government to …

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Rescuing IL&FS

Bailing it out is one thing, but how didthe debt pile-up go unnoticed for so long? The Centre’s move to supersede the Board of Directors of the troubled Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) has come not a day too soon. By explicitly stating its intent to “ensure that needed …

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The need to forget

Yehuda Elkana’s reflections could find resonance in India’s troubling present One of my closest friends, the Israeli educationist and philosopher, Yehuda Elkana (in picture), passed away in September 2012, bringing to a close a peripatetic life lived on different continents. Had cancer not taken him away, Elkana would have continued …

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At Sabarimala, walking the extra mile

With all women allowed into the temple, the infrastructure has to be carefully revamped The path-breaking verdict of the Supreme Court striking down the exclusion of women in the 10-50 age group from the Sabarimala temple in Kerala might have put to rest the long-raging question of gender discrimination. But …

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Enjoying exporter status, with no liability

The buying house transfers import risks to the manufacturer The Punjab National Bank (PNB) grabbed headlines with a Rs. 13,000-crore loss on account of its high-profile client, Nirav Modi. Subsequently, lacunae were identified in the procedures of its foreign exchange transactions. An examination of the modus operandi revealed the ease …

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The voice that is great within us

The crises in Indian democracy and in global politics send one immediately to consult Gandhi Truth, Satya, was the central axis of the Gandhian system of thought and practice. For Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, everything turned on Truth — satyagraha, swaraj, ahimsa, ashram, brahmacharya, yajna, charkha, khadi, and finally, moksha itself. …

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The algebra of dissent

To heed the conscience of the court, and hence the nation, we must honour dissenting judgments Over the past few days in the Supreme Court we have seen some remarkable dissents: Justices Indu Malhotra in Sabarimala , D.Y. Chandrachud in the Activists case and Aadhaar , S. Abdul Nazeer in …

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