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Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)

Introduction The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) is a strategic economic initiative launched by the United States in May 2022. It aims to strengthen economic ties among member countries in the Indo-Pacific region, fostering resilience, sustainability, and shared prosperity. This framework holds significance for regional economies, including India, offering …

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Moon Missions

Concept : USSR (Soviet Union) Luna Program:Pioneering series of unmanned missions with milestones like: * Luna 2: First object to impact the Moon (1959) * Luna 3: First images of the Moon’s far side (1959) * Luna 9: First soft landing on the Moon (1966) * Luna 16, 20, 24: …

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Marine Heat Waves

Concept : Marine heatwaves (MHWs) are periods of abnormally high sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in a specific region of the ocean. They’re like heatwaves on land, but in the ocean. Duration: They can last from days to months, even years in rare cases. Intensity: Their intensity varies, with some being …

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National Commission for Women

Concept : The NCW, or National Commission for Women, is a crucial government body in India established for the protection and promotion of women’s rights. Established: The NCW was set up in 1992 under the National Commission for Women Act, 1990. Function : Advisory and Recommendatory: It primarily functions as …

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The Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006

Introduction The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006, popularly known as the Forest Rights Act (FRA), is a landmark legislation in India. It aims to address historical injustices faced by Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (OTFDs) and empower them by …

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