In northern Italy, palm manuscripts from the 18th Century, titled Gnanamuyarchi, have been discovered in an Armenian monastery.

About Findings:

  • This significant finding sheds light on the rich history and cultural exchange between different regions during that time.
  • This translation is most likely by Michele Bertoldi, known in Tamil as Gnanaprakasasamy. This is a prose text from the early 18th Century (likely the 1720s) and has been printed several times in the 19th Century by the Mission Press in Puducherry
  • These palm manuscripts are of utmost importance in preserving historical and cultural knowledge. They offer valuable insights into the period they originate from, providing a firsthand account of the social, literary, and religious practices during that era.
  • The manuscripts are written in Tamil, showcasing the influence of the language and its spread beyond its homeland.
  • It serves as a reminder of the diverse historical interactions and intellectual exchanges that occurred across different regions and cultures.


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