Wang Yi pledges to ‘defend sovereignty’

China’s top diplomat Wang Yi on Friday pledged to “firmly defend” China’s sovereignty and security, in his first message after once again assuming charge as Foreign Minister in the wake of the shock removal of his predecessor.

On Friday, the website showed Mr. Wang as the new Minister along with a message from the veteran diplomat, who is returning to a position he held until last year, when he was promoted to the Politburo and to the party’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission office, which he will continue to head.

China’s defence of sovereignty

Refers to the actions and policies taken by the Chinese government to protect and assert its territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

China considers issues related to sovereignty as vital to its core interests.

The Chinese government has historically been sensitive to any perceived threats to its territorial boundaries, particularly regarding regions like Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, and the South China Sea.

Here are some key points related to China’s defense of sovereignty:

  • Taiwan: China considers Taiwan as part of its territory and has expressed its intention to reunify with the island. It opposes any attempts to recognize Taiwan as a separate country or support its independence.
  • Tibet: Tibet is a highly sensitive issue for China, which considers it an integral part of its territory. The Chinese government has taken measures to suppress any separatist movements in the region.
  • Xinjiang: Xinjiang is another region where China has faced international scrutiny over its treatment of Uighur Muslims. China has defended its actions in the region, stating it is necessary to combat terrorism and maintain stability.
  • South China Sea: China claims sovereignty over most of the South China Sea, which is a highly contested region with overlapping territorial claims from several other countries. China has constructed artificial islands and military installations in the area, leading to tensions with neighboring countries and concerns from the international community.

China’s approach to defending its sovereignty has been a topic of global debate, with critics raising concerns about human rights abuses, the treatment of minority groups, and disputes with neighbouring countries.

At the same time, the Chinese government argues that safeguarding its territorial integrity is essential for maintaining stability and unity within the country.

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