• Recently, the External Affairs Minister of India met with the US Secretary of State and Russian Foreign Minister and other counter parts in Bali (Indonesia) on the sidelines of the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting.
  • The meeting was held under the theme of “Building a more peaceful, stable, and prosperous world together.”

Recent G20 Meeting

  • The External Affairs Minister of India met the State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China.
  • India called for an early resolution of all the outstanding issues along the LAC in Eastern Ladakh.
  • Recalling the disengagement achieved in some friction areas, India reiterated the need to sustain the momentum to complete disengagement from all the remaining areas to restore peace and tranquility in the border areas.
  • Both sides affirmed that the military and diplomatic officials of the two sides should continue maintaining regular contact and looked forward to the next round of Senior Commanders’ meeting at an early date.
  • China appreciated India’s support during its BRICS Chairmanship this year and assured China’s support for India’s upcoming G20 and SCO Presidency.
  • The meetings indicated the emerging differences within the G20 grouping as Russia accused the United States of forcing Europe and the rest of the world to abandon cheap energy sources while the US blamed Russia for “global food insecurity”.
  • The G20 that includes 20 of the world’s biggest economic powers has a mandate to discuss global economic matters but the Foreign Ministers Meeting in Bali was dominated by criticism of Russia by the western members.
  • The Ukraine warand its economic fallouts are hinting at a division within the ranks of the global grouping, with the US, EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, France forming one anti-Russia block while the rest of the countries prefer a cautious approach asking for peaceful resolution of the war in Ukraine.

India’s Potential for the G20 Presidency

  • As a founding member of the G20, India has used the platform to raise issues of vital importance and those that impact on the most vulnerable around the world.
  • But due to the rising toll of unemployment rates and povertyin the domestic portion, it’s hard to take the lead effectively.
  • Concurrently, India’s leadership role in delineating the success of India-France led International Solar Alliance is globally well acclaimed as a turning point intervention in mobilising resources towards promoting research and development in renewable energy.
  • Also, the vision of ‘Self Reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat)’initiative is expected to play a transformational role for “New India” in the global paradigm as an important and reliable pillar of world economy and global supply chains in the aftermath of Covid -19 crisis.
  • India’s endeavour of establishing the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, comprising nine of the G20 nations amongst others provides new dimensions of leadership in the global growth process.

Challenges G20 Facing

  • Russian and Ukrainian Presidents are invited to the G20 Summit to be held in November, 2022.
  • The U.S. has already demanded to not invite Russian President, or U.S. and European countries would boycott his address.
  • China’s strategic rise, NATO’sexpansion and Russia’s territorial aggression in Georgia and Crimea and now Russia Ukraine Conflict in 2022 changed global priorities.
  • Globalisation is no longer a cool word, and multilateral organisations have a credibility crisis as countries around the world pick being ‘G-zero’ (a term coined by political commentator Ian Bremmer to denote ‘Every Nation for Itself’) over the G-7, G-20, BRICS, P-5 (UNSC Permanent Members) and others.

Way Forward

  • The G20 must strengthen the partnership with international organisations such as the IMF, the OECD, the WHO, the World Bank and the WTO, and delegate them the task of monitoring progress.
  • Global Cooperation should be given priority over individual interest for the benefit of all the member countries.
  • Use of Dialogue and Diplomacy should be carried out to resolve issues like Ukraine – Russia conflict and differences between Russia and the west.


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