• India banned e-cigarettes in 2019.
  • Ecigarettes were still available through online stores and local vendors.
  • “Instances of such devices being sold at convenient/stationary stores near educational institutions have also been reported, which is resulting in easy access by young children to such products.”
  • The increasing availability of such prohibited products called for serious attention and action to ensure effective enforcement of the Prohibition Of Electronic Cigarettes Act 2019.


  • E-cigarettes which are often referred to as vapes are battery operated smoking devices that create vapour by heating a mix of nicotine, propylene glycol and flavour which when inhaled feels like smoking a cigarette.
  • Proponents of e-cigarettes and the industry claim it is less harmful than regular cigarettes and helps in kicking the butt.
  • Multiple researches have shown e-cigarettes did not help smokers quit at rates higher than smokers who did not use these products.


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