• Nagaraja Thira’ was performed recently at the Sree Muchilottu temple at Kuthiravattom in Kozhikode.
  • ‘Thira’, like Theyyam, is a dance that is part of a religious ritual performed in the temples of Kerala.
  • While the person participating in Theyyam is considered god, the person taking part in ‘Thira’ is considered as possessed by god
  • This art form is performed by the artists of malaya community.
  • This art is performed during Utsavam (annual temple festival).
  • Thira brings the gods to life.
  • Performers dress up with ceremonial facial paint and loud clothing and dance in front of the deity, the bhagavathi.

Toddy it is an offering to the gods and almost all the performers dance under the influence.

Different types of Thiras:

  1. Bhagavathi Thira
  2. Bhairavan Thira
  3. Chanthu Thira
  4. Gulikan Thira
  5. Kuttichathan Thira
  6. Hanuman Thira
  7. Pottan Thira
  8. Kandakarnan Thira
  9. Chamundi Thira
  10. Vasoorimala Thira
  11. NagaKali Thira
  12. Dharikavadham Thira
  13. Karinkali Thira
  14. Bhadrakaali Thira
  15. Raktheshwari Amma
  16. Ittikurumbha
  17. Odakkali




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