Geography and Environmental

Sustainable Development in the Indian Himalayan Region

GS-3: Key Environmental Concerns in the Indian Himalayan Region, Recent Supreme Court Judgments Support Environmental Conservation Efforts, The Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) is widely recognized as India’s “water tower” and a vital provider of essential ecosystem goods and services. Despite this critical understanding, there remains a significant disconnect between the …

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Securing Our Future: Recognizing the Vital Role of the National Disaster Resource Fund

National Disaster Resource Fund (NDRF)

TABLE OF CONTENTS News Concept of NDRF Key Features of NDRF   News: Tamil Nadu on Wednesday filed a suit in the Supreme Court accusing the Union government of treating the people of the State in a “step-motherly” fashion by delaying the release of disaster relief funds of nearly ₹38,000 …

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Project Tiger

Background:  In Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, Project Tiger was first launched on April 1, 1973, with the goal of saving tigers. By adding enabling provisions to the Wild Life (Protection) Act of 1972 through an amendment known as the Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Act of 2006, Project Tiger …

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Urbanisation refers to shifting of population from rural areas to urban areas. Urbanisation Primarily driven by Pull factor. Urbanisation gained pace Particularly after LPG Pull Factors Economic Opportunities Education Health Entertainment Skill Development Job Availability Unsustainability in Urbanisation often lead to various problems in the Society. To tackle this Problem …

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Dam Management in India

Dams Image

Dam means any artificial barrier and its appurtenant structure constructed across rivers or tributaries thereof with a view to impound or divert water which also include barrage, weir and similar water impounding structures. Central Water Commission (CWC) compiles and maintains the nationwide register of Large Dams i.e., the National Register …

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TOPICS COVERED: Salient features of world’s physical geography Context: Following heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh, landslides have occurred in the state. About a cloudburst A cloudburst is a localised but intense rainfall activity. While it can also occur in plains, the phenomenon is most common in hilly regions. Not all instances of very heavy rainfall, however, are cloudbursts. …

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