Disaster Management

Plastic Treaty

Concept : Plastic pollution is a major environmental threat, harming ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. The global plastic waste problem is projected to worsen significantly without robust intervention. In recognition of this urgency, the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) passed a resolution in 2022 to develop a new global treaty …

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Securing Our Future: Recognizing the Vital Role of the National Disaster Resource Fund

National Disaster Resource Fund (NDRF)

TABLE OF CONTENTS News Concept of NDRF Key Features of NDRF   News: Tamil Nadu on Wednesday filed a suit in the Supreme Court accusing the Union government of treating the people of the State in a “step-motherly” fashion by delaying the release of disaster relief funds of nearly ₹38,000 …

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Dam Management in India

Dams Image

Dam means any artificial barrier and its appurtenant structure constructed across rivers or tributaries thereof with a view to impound or divert water which also include barrage, weir and similar water impounding structures. Central Water Commission (CWC) compiles and maintains the nationwide register of Large Dams i.e., the National Register …

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18 dead as rail bridge collapses in Mizoram

Syllabus: Security and Disaster Management Context A railway bridge under construction over the Kurung river in Mizoram collapsed on Wednesday, killing at least 18 workers. Pillars intact According to the Railway Ministry, the girder was designed by the Paris-headquartered STUP Consultants and proof-checked by experts from the Indian Institute of …

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Context:  The water levels of Yamuna hit a 60-year-high and waters advanced towards the Taj Mahal for the first time in half a century. What is a floodplain? About the River and its significance: The Yamuna is the second-largest tributary of the Ganges by discharge and the longest tributary in India. It originates in the Yamunotri …

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A big step in reducing the risk of disasters

Disasters around the world are claiming more and more lives. The consequences of climate change are already on our doorstep. Ten days ago, three continents were gripped by heat waves. Massive forest fires have ravaged parts of Greece and Canada. Two weeks ago, the river Yamuna breached the highest flood …

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