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Coastal Aquaculture Authority (Amendment ) Bill, 2023

Bill is About Amendment Act enables lakhs of small marginal aquaculture farmers to avoid possible need for obtaining CRZ clearances from multiple agencies provides for broad basing “coastal aquaculture” to comprehensively cover all activities of coastal aquaculture ensure that they operate in an environmentally compliant manner – such as cage …

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Notice of Manipur HC- Assam Rifles

Syllabus: Various Security forces and agencies and their mandate. Why in NEWS The Manipur High Court on Wednesday issued notices to top bureaucrats and police officers of the Manipur government, the Union Home Secretary, the General Officer Commander in-charge of the Indian Army’s Eastern Command, and an Inspector-General of the …

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Gaddar was associated with this Telugu film director and even penned a song for his movie Maa Bhoomi Ans: B. Narsing Rao In which year did Gaddar survive an assassination attempt? Ans:1997 Which was the political party floated by Gaddar in June to contest the Telangana Assembly election? Ans: Gaddar …

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New OS for Defence Ministry

Syllabus: Science and Technology Context A new OS, Maya, based on open-source Ubuntu developed locally – interface and all functionality like Windows In addition An ‘end point detection and protection system’, ‘Chakravyuh’, is also being installed in these systems – only in Defence Ministry systems – prevent malware attacks and …

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Nutrition support prevents TB

Syllabus: Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life. Cutting down tuberculosis (TB) disease A large trial undertaken in India has underscored the role of nutritional supplementation in sharply cutting down tuberculosis (TB) disease rate in the household contacts of an index patient, and mortality reduction …

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Tribals in non-ST villages feel left out

Syllabus: Salient features of Indian Society Context Rights activists decry delay in bringing them under Fifth Schedule protection What is the Problem Tribals who have been cultivating small portions of land for a sustainable living in some of the non-Scheduled Tribe villages and hamlets predominantly inhabited by PVTGs (Particularly Vulnerable …

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Nickel reserve in Indonesia

Syllabus: Distribution of key natural resources across the world world’s largest nickel reserves 22 percent of global reserves Reserve – Indonesia > Australia > Brazil Producers – Indonesia > Philippines > Russia Ni used: stainless steel, Ev batteries Expected to account for roughly half of global supply growth through to …

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Nasal turbinates and thermoregulation (Hypothesis)

Syllabus: Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment. The nasal cavity of warm-blooded animals houses a complex scroll-like structure made of thin bony plates called the nasal, or respiratory, turbinate. Nasal turbinates are found only in warm-blooded creatures. They are responsible for regulating heat and moisture exchange during respiration. …

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